Introduction of Karate

Karate is Japanese Fighting System that uses the Hands and feet to deliver powerful punches, strikes and kicks. Karate is also both an Exciting Combat Sport and a form of Mental Training. The word “Karate” means ‘Empty Hand’ and the person who practices Karate is known as “Karateka”.

Benefits of Karate

  • Self defense: Karate-Do correctly learned is excellent means of self defence not just a sport. Eventually, one must retire, from sport competition. But Karate-Do is Valuable for a lifetime.
  •  Self confidence:Karate training offer in building self-esteem and confidence are immeasurable and evident in all walks of life.
  •  Stress release: Karate is an excellent means of relieving the stresses of daily life, after a tense day work, our school training at Dojo will definitely reduce one’s stress level and allow the student to go home feeling relaxed and refresh.
  •  Discipline: Karate is challenging work both mentally and physically you will motivate yourself and others to attain goals which previously only dreamed of in addition. The practice demands incrementally that we emotions that negatively affect our productivity.
  •  Sport: This aspect of Karate-Do allows anyone with competitive desire to participate in numerous tournaments locally, nationally and even international.
  •  Conditioning: Karate Training includes not only classical forms (Kata) but also the most current techniques in flexibility and Aerobics Activity. Karate conditioning has been identified as one of the most complete physical activities utilizing the whole body with minimum stress.
  •  Physical and mental advantage: Physical Fitness and Overall Health: Karate-Do training improves flexibility, strength, coordination’s, and endurance of an individual. Karate-Do’s punches, Thrust, Kicks, blocks, sweeps and throw tones the whole body in an explosive and dynamic workout.